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Sr. Account Assistant

  • Position: 2
  • Experience: Experienced
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Location: Vadodara
  • Roles & Responsibilities:


    GST & Tax Compliance:

    Maintain accurate GST records and ensure timely filing.

    Verify and reconcile GST transactions for compliance.


    Petty Cash Management:

    Manage petty cash fund and process requests.

    Reconcile transactions and maintain proper documentation.


    Tally Accounting:

    Use Tally for financial record-keeping.

    Generate reports and assist in financial statement prep.


    Data Entry & Reconciliation:

    Accurate data entry and bank reconciliation.

    Investigate and resolve discrepancies.



    Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance.

    Proficiency in Tally software and GST regulations.

    Attention to detail and organizational skills.

    Strong problem-solving abilities.

    Good communication and teamwork skills.

    This role is vital for maintaining financial accuracy and compliance in our immigration company. If you meet the qualifications, apply to contribute to our financial health and success.

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    Drop your cv [email protected]

    HR Assistant

  • Position: 1
  • Experience: Fresher
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Location: Vadodara
  • Job Description:

    As an HR Assistant with a focus on recruitment at our immigration company, you will play an essential role in attracting, evaluating, and selecting the right talent for our organization. You will collaborate with the HR team to ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process.


    Key Roles & Responsibilities:


    Candidate Sourcing:

    Utilize various channels (job boards, social media, etc.) to identify and attract potential candidates.

    Build a talent pool and maintain a database of prospective candidates.


    Screening and Evaluation:

    Review resumes and applications to shortlist qualified candidates.

    Conduct initial phone screenings to assess candidates' qualifications and motivations.


    Interview Coordination:

    Schedule and coordinate interviews between candidates and hiring managers.

    Ensure a positive and professional candidate experience throughout the interview process.


    Onboarding Assistance:

    Support new hires during the onboarding process by collecting required documents and assisting with orientation.


    Job Postings:

    Draft and post job descriptions on various platforms.

    Monitor and update job postings to ensure they remain current.


    Compliance and Documentation:

    Maintain recruitment-related documentation, ensuring it complies with company policies and regulations.

    Assist in the completion of pre-employment checks and paperwork.


    Candidate Communication:

    Keep candidates informed of their application status and provide feedback as appropriate.

    Handle inquiries and communicate company culture and values.


    Qualifications and Skills:

    Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Business, or a related field (preferred).

    Strong organizational and time-management skills.

    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

    Familiarity with recruitment tools and techniques.

    Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information.

    Detail-oriented with the ability to multitask.

    Join our immigration company's HR team and contribute to the selection of top talent that will help us achieve our mission. If you possess the qualifications and skills mentioned, we encourage you to apply for this HR Assistant (Recruitment) role.

    Drop your CV at: +91 97241 34922

    Drop your cv [email protected]

    HR Executive

  • Position: 1
  • Experience: Experienced
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Location: Ahemdabad
  • Roles & Responsibilities:

    Recruitment and Talent Acquisition: Collaborate with hiring managers, post job openings, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and manage onboarding.

    Employee Relations: Address employee queries, resolve workplace conflicts, and conduct exit interviews.

    HR Policies and Compliance: Assist in policy development, ensure compliance with labor laws, and maintain employee records.

    Performance Management: Support performance appraisal, develop improvement plans, and track employee performance metrics.

    Training and Development: Identify training needs, coordinate training programs, and evaluate their effectiveness.

    Benefits Administration: Assist employees with benefits inquiries and manage benefits programs.

    HR Reporting: Generate HR reports and maintain accurate HR databases.

    Employee Engagement: Organize engagement activities and contribute to a positive work culture.



    Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or related field.

    Minimum of 3 years of HR experience.

    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

    Proficiency in HR software and MS Office.

    Strong organizational and time-management skills.

    Knowledge of employment laws and regulations.

    Ability to maintain confidentiality.


    Preferred Skills:

    Experience in talent acquisition and recruitment.

    Conflict resolution and employee relations expertise.

    HR policy development and implementation.

    Performance management and appraisal skills.

    Training needs analysis and program coordination.

    Benefits administration and employee support.

    HR reporting and data management.

    Employee engagement and culture-building initiatives.



    Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or a related field.

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    Drop your cv [email protected]

    Visa Caller

  • Position: 3
  • Experience: Fresher
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Location: Ahemdabad
  • Visa caller Job Description 

    A Visa Caller is responsible for contacting visa applicants to verify their application information, collect required documents, and provide assistance throughout the visa application process. They review applications, ensure compliance with immigration regulations, and maintain accurate records. Excellent communication skills, customer service, and collaboration with other immigration professionals are essential in this role. Visa Callers contribute to a smooth and efficient visa processing experience for applicants.

    Visa caller Roles & Responsibilities:

    1. Contacting visa applicants to verify application information and gather additional required documents or information.
    2. Reviewing visa applications to ensure accuracy and completeness.
    3. Providing clear instructions to applicants regarding required documentation and any specific format or criteria.
    4. Addressing applicant inquiries or concerns regarding the visa application process.
    5. Staying updated with immigration laws, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance.
    6. Maintaining detailed records of communication with applicants and documentation collected.
    7. Delivering excellent customer service by being patient, empathetic, and responsive to applicant needs.
    8. Collaborating with other immigration professionals as needed to resolve complex cases or escalate issues.
    9. Ensuring the confidentiality and security of applicant information.
    10. Contributing to a smooth and efficient visa processing experience for applicant


    Ensure the Client Avoids Any Legal Issues that May Occur in Relation to Their Relocation By Assisting Them to Obtain Visas and other Related Immigration Documentation.


    Good Salary and Incentive
    Drop your CV at +91 97241 34922

    Drop your cv [email protected]

    Admin Executive

  • Position: 3
  • Experience: Fresher
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Location: Vadodara
  • Job Title: Administrative Assistant

    Job Type: Full-Time

    Job Description:
    As an Administrative Assistant at [Company Name], you will be a key support in our immigration services operation. You'll assist clients, manage documents, and ensure office efficiency.


    Client Support: Greet clients, respond to inquiries, and manage appointments.

    Document Management: Organize and maintain immigration documents, prepare paperwork.

    Office Coordination: Keep the office organized, assist with meetings and travel.

    Data Entry: Maintain client records and ensure data accuracy.

    Compliance: Stay updated on immigration laws and assist in ensuring compliance.

    Support Consultants: Assist immigration consultants with administrative tasks.


    High school diploma or equivalent, with administrative experience.
    Knowledge of immigration procedures is a plus.
    Proficient in MS Office, strong communication and organization skills.
    Ability to handle confidential information.
    Additional Information:

    Occasional overtime or weekend work may be required.
    Background check for successful candidates.
    Competitive compensation and benefits offered.

    How to Apply:

    Submit your resume and a cover letter to [email protected] with "Administrative Assistant Application" in the subject line. Explain your qualifications and interest in the position.
    Drop your CV at +91 97241 34922

    Drop your cv [email protected]

    Visa Caller

  • Position: 4
  • Experience: Fresher
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Location: Vadodara
  • Visa caller Job Description 

    We are searching for an engaged telecaller to boost sales by reaching out to current and possible clients. To this end, the telecaller will be required to obtain lists of individuals' information, and to source data for additional members of the target audience. You should also jot down important notes during conversations to facilitate follow-ups by our staff.

    To be successful as a telecaller, you should be able to convince even the toughest of individuals to purchase our offerings. A remarkable telecaller will suggest ways in which clients' feedback can be utilized to improve our services.

    Visa caller Responsibilities:

    • Studying the details of each offering and remaining abreast of updates to these offerings.
    • Obtaining and updating lists of individuals' contact details.
    • Calling active and budding clients to encourage the purchase of items.
    • Addressing clients' uncertainties, grievances, and suggestions on time.
    • Noting important details of each conversation.
    • Communicating verbal acceptances of offers to our sales team for closing.
    • Recording all successful and unsuccessful attempts to close sales.
    • Attending regular team meetings to clarify progress and performance-related expectations.
    • Conducting each of your functions with the utmost respect, regardless of others' dispositions.

    Visa caller Requirements:

    • High school diploma or equivalent.
    • Prior experience as a telecaller or similar.
    • Completion of a sales-related training program is preferred.
    • Computer literate.
    • Exposure to diverse viewpoints, cultural norms, and experiences.
    • Superb verbal communication.
    • Ability to switch your communication style on a whim.
    • Superb interpersonal, research, and record-keeping skills.
    • Capacity to receive critique without internalizing it.

    Ensure the Client Avoids Any Legal Issues that May Occur in Relation to Their Relocation By Assisting Them to Obtain Visas and other Related Immigration Documentation.


    Good Salary and Incentive
    Drop your CV at +91 9726529144

    Drop your cv [email protected]

    Receptionist - Ahemdabad

  • Position: 1
  • Experience: Fresher
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Location: Ahemdabad
  • A Receptionist is responsible for managing the front desk and providing administrative support in a professional setting. Here is a brief job description for a Receptionist: 
    1. Greeting and Welcoming Visitors: Receptionists serve as the first point of contact for visitors and guests. They greet individuals entering the establishment in a friendly and professional manner and direct them to the appropriate person or department. 
    2. Answering Calls and Messages: Receptionists handle incoming calls, route them to the appropriate staff members or departments, and take messages accurately. They provide information and assistance to callers courteously and efficiently. 
    3. Managing Front Desk Operations: Receptionists manage the front desk area, ensuring it is clean, organized, and presentable. They may be responsible for scheduling appointments, maintaining calendars, and managing meeting rooms. 
    4. Sorting and Distributing Mail: Receptionists handle incoming and outgoing mail, including packages and deliveries. They sort and distribute mail to the appropriate recipients within the organization. 
    5. Administrative Support: Receptionists provide general administrative support, such as typing, filing, data entry, and maintaining records. They may assist with preparing documents, reports, or presentations as needed. 
    6. Managing Visitors and Security: Receptionists monitor and manage visitor access, ensuring the security and safety of the premises. They may issue visitor badges, verify identification, and enforce security protocols. 
    7. Communication and Coordination: Receptionists maintain effective communication within the organization. They relay messages to the appropriate individuals and departments, ensuring timely and accurate communication. 
    8. Customer Service: Receptionists provide excellent customer service to all individuals, including clients, customers, and staff members. They address inquiries, resolve complaints, and provide information or assistance as required. 
    9. Multitasking and Time Management: Receptionists handle multiple tasks simultaneously, such as managing phone calls, greeting visitors, and performing administrative duties. They prioritize work effectively and manage their time to meet deadlines and organizational needs. 
    10. Professionalism and Poise: Receptionists represent the organization in a professional manner. They maintain a polished appearance, demonstrate a courteous and helpful attitude, and handle challenging situations with composure. 


    Kindly Drop Your CV on +91 97241 34922

    Drop your cv [email protected]

    Receptionist cum Telecaller

  • Position: 1
  • Experience: Fresher
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Location: Vadodara
  • Job Description

    We are looking for a pleasant Receptionist cum Telecaller to undertake all receptionist and clerical duties at the desk of our main entrance. You will be the “face” of the company for all visitors and will be responsible for the first impression we make.

    The ideal candidate will have a friendly and easy-going personality while also being very perceptive and disciplined. You should be able to deal with complaints and give accurate information. A customer-oriented approach is essential.

    The goal is to make guests and visitors feel comfortable and valued while on our premises.



    • Greet clients and visitors with a positive, helpful attitude.
    • Assisting clients in finding their way around the office.
    • Answering, forwarding, and screening phone calls.
    • Converts inquiries into sales by answering inbound telephone calls.
    • Advises present or prospective customers by answering incoming calls.
    • Maintains database by entering, verifying, and backing up data.
    • Documents transactions by completing forms and record logs.
    • To make telephonic calls and schedule appointments on lead data generated from various sources with an aim to increase sales.
    • Provide excellent customer service.
    • Scheduling appointments.
    • Check, sort, and forward emails.
    • Keep updated records and files.



    • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a related field.
    • Prior experience as a receptionist or in a related field.
    • Consistent, professional dress, and manner.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Competency in Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
    • Good time management skills.
    • Experience with administrative and clerical procedures.
    • Able to contribute positively as part of a team, helping out with various tasks as required.

    Drop your CV at +91 97241 34922

    Drop your cv [email protected]

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