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About Us

About Us


Evol Group is a group of multinational companies having multiple business interests with offices in Australia and India. We have branches in different cities: Ahmedabad, and Vadodara in India, and Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide in Australia.

We understand that our reputation is entirely dependent on how well we serve our customers, and nothing can replace our commitment to deliver Proactive, Relevant, and Receptive Professional Services.

As we move along, we strive to strengthen our relationship with clients and hold a firm footing in the domains we operate.



Immigration Services

Migrate zone is the leading visa consultant since 1998, providing both Australian and Canadian Immigration Services for the last 21 years. It provides the best-contended process with our experts guiding the clients by analysing their profile and suggesting the best option to move abroad.

IT Services

Evol Technobits Digital Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative IT firm of the Evol Group. It offers a suite of digital solutions comprising Software Solutions, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing, Network Services, Testing & Analysis, E-Commerce, SEO – SEM.

Financial Services

Evol Trader is an investment firm offering Algorithmic Trading and Value Investing services to retail investors globally. An Algorithmic Robot scans the market for profitable trades, while Value Investing is a strategy for identifying undervalued stocks based on fundamental analysis.

Affiliate Marketing Service

EVOL Network, The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing platform, serves business needs to market products or services efficiently and cost-effectively and ensure the highest security.


TruevalueCRM, a subsidiary of Evol Group, specializes in CRM software that automates your Business Workflow to increase sales, reduce workforce, and reach a broad customer base.

Human Resource Services

A global specialist recruiting firm that operates on behalf of the world's most prominent corporations to occupy permanent, contract, and temporary roles.


Our Ventures

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Migrate Zone

Migrate zone is one of the leading immigration consultants founded in the year 1998 providing expert international immigration guidance and counselling to assist in the visa process.

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Evol Technobits Digital Pvt. Ltd.

An innovative IT consulting firm offers end-to-end business solutions from conceptualization and methodology to execution and support.

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Evol Network

EVOL NETWORK The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Platform is designed to serve business needs for marketing products or services efficiently and cost-effectively while ensuring the highest security.

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Evol Trader

A leading cloud-based Algorithmic Trading platform with two major investing services, Algorithmic trading and Value Investing, enhances probability in Stock, Forex, and Commodity trade.

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Marketrill is a revenue sharing system within which anyone can become a member and earn a passive income, we offer level distribution, yield farming, and much more to ensure you make the most out of your investment.

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Truevalue CRM

TVCRM is customer relationship management software. It implements SaaS (System as a Software) to systematize sales, marketing, and client support by creating automation of business workflow.

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Evol Jobs

Evol Jobs is an overseas HR services firm that provides recruitment services for authentic and secure employment opportunities globally.

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Evol Assistant

A virtual assistant specializes in offering administrative services to clients from remote locations. A virtual back office to manage your appointments, travelling and schedules.


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